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Generational Passion

My dad opened this business in 1985. Growing up I swore I wanted to forge my own path in life. Through a wild series of events, I ended up agreeing to "fill in" at the store for a few weeks while dad hired someone new. And what can I say, it stuck.

As I learned the trade, and worked with other subcontractors, I began to realize something than made me fall in love with our business and our community even further: a generational passion. I watched as my dad served our customers, their families, and our community through our business. It wasn't just about flooring, the newest product, or the best price. But the unique opportunity to show others God's love through helping in the industry he knows best; flooring.

I believe our generational passion here at Creative Carpets & Interiors will serve you in an incredibly unique way. Because we were here when the industry first got its start. We know the origins of all product groups, and why they morphed into the products you recognize today. We have the experience and knowledge you can trust, while also having the design and drive of the newest innovation. The desire to serve you, and your family is something that has never, and will never, change.

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